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In order for you to participate in the markets you first need to have an account that will help you access the forex and crypto markets. There are many brokers however, we have some recommended Brokers you can sign up with that we have used before, and have succeeded in retrieving our money. There are a few things that might confuse you so on this page we will try to explain and enlighten you.

To engage in the world of Crypto you can sign up with CEX.IO. We have managed to deposit, invest and leave our funds on their platform retrieving them after months without losing them. They have the option to buy crypto with your visa card which is instant and fast among other options. Once you open an account, you can easily download the CEX.IO app and link it with your account to easily access you crypto on the go.

For you to participate fully, upon signing up you will need to verify your account in order to fully access the platform. To verify you will need to:

  • Upload your ID (Passport or driver’s license works better.)
  • Take a selfie with your ID in hand.
  • Upload your PROOF OF RESIDENCE.

The next platform you can buy crypto on is .With this platform you can buy, trade and have access to over 600+ cryptocurrencies. We have included this platform mainly because of the variety of cryptocurrencies that they have and may not find on other brokers. If you are skillful enough you may also trade crypto on Binance as you would forex.

However, signing up with binance is strict and requires you to complete verification before you can access any of their services. To participate you simply need to:

  • Upload ID (Passport or driver’s license)
  • Take a selfie picture (via the binance app on your phone).

Once this is done, check your account regularly next to your name for the verification status. (click IMAGE

If you are looking to trade, then the first thing you need to do is to sign up for a Forex account. We have used XM brokers because they have the option to deposit funds via Visa card and Mobile Money (Airtel & MTN) among other options and we have successfully managed to withdraw our profits after some successful trades. 

Signing up with the link XM brokers allows you to open an account and you will be funded a free $30 that you can use before even depositing your own money. However, the $30 is only given to you once you verify your account. To verify you will need to:

  • Upload ID.
  • Upload PROOF OF RESIDENCE (bank statement will work well just take a picture of the address that appears on your account If it is a print out make sure it’s stamped).

NOTE: Make sure the address you use when signing up is the one that appears on the documents you are uploading.

The pictures in the links will help guide you on how to fill in the online form and how it looks on the website in some areas that might seem confusing.


Everything is mostly basic information needed to sign up, once this is done you should make sure to check the email address that you registered with in order to receive your account details so that you may log in to your account where you will then upload your files to claim the $30 bonus. Make sure you tick the option for receiving the bonus if you want it.

NOTE: Once you make profits on your $30 and wish to withdraw, simply deposit the lowest amount $5 into your XM account. The reason you do this is simply to link your bank card to your XM account  so they can deposit your profits to the correct account. This helps them verify your account details as it should be in the same names as those on your XM account.